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Made using Lithium cells

Subilo Li-ion Batteries are designed and assembled to the highest quality standards to ensure high performance and durability
The 12V 100Ah, 12V 150Ah and 12V 200Ah Lithium ion batteries are plug and play for starting appliances either on-grid or off-grid. These batteries are lightweight to replace Lead Acid, Gel or AGM batteries. They have a lifespan of about 3-4 times longer than Lead Acid, Gel and AGM. They have a higher power density level. Lithium ion batteries also have a slow discharge rate.

Benefits of Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries offer several benefits that make them popular for various applications. Here are some of the key advantages:
  • High Energy Density: Lithium batteries pack a lot of energy in a small, lightweight design.
  • Long Cycle Life: They endure numerous charge-discharge cycles, making them cost-effective over time.
  • Low Self-Discharge Rate: Lithium batteries retain their charge well during periods of inactivity.
  • Quick Charging: They can be rapidly charged, especially beneficial for electric vehicles and portable electronics.
Lithium batteries are considered more environmentally friendly than some other types of batteries. They do not contain toxic materials like lead or cadmium, making them easier to dispose of or recycle.